We love kids!  Jesus welcomed them, and we echo his encouragement to come!  

All of our services begin with everyone together in the service for a few songs, then after a children's blessing, you can go with your children to the Sunday school room and then return to the Sanctuary.  

We believe our faith is being shaped from a very early age, and so we seek to provide a safe context for our kids to ask questions as they learn about Jesus, and be shaped by the rhythms of our community. On Communion Sundays (usually the 2nd Sunday each month), all Sunday School kids are welcomed back upstairs to join in this formative sacrament.  You may help your child(ren) to participate, or if they prefer to watch, that's fine too.  

Parents and Babies 

There is a 'quiet nursery' for parents and children (typically babies who are not yet mobile) downstairs and a room at the back of the sanctuary for parents who would like to stay to hear and see the service but in a more quiet and comfortable space.

Nursery (Age 0-3)

All our nursery volunteers are trained and have current criminal record checks to ensure the safe protection of our children. 

Sunday School (Age 3+)

We currently have Sunday school for two age groups (Age 3+ and 7+). 

All the kids 3+ do a short liturgy together and separate into different classrooms for the lesson. 

The liturgy consists of welcoming the children, praying & singing together as well as taking a small offering.  This year we are collecting an offering and buying different animals for a family to build farm.

We are using a curriculum called Telling God's Story written by Peter Enns. There is a parent guide available as well.

Each class has a helper and a teacher on a monthly rotating basis. Feel free to ask your teacher any questions you may have! If you would like to sign up to volunteer, or for general Sunday suggestions/comments/ideas please see Yvonne Bennik.

At the end of the service please have one parent come down and sign out your child(ren).