First CRC Vancouver is led by a church Council consisting of elders, deacons and pastors. The Council meets monthly to provide overall direction and planning for the church. The elders and deacons also meet monthly. Elders focus on attending to the pastoral and spiritual care of the church, while deacons are responsible for promoting stewardship, attending to financial and physical needs, and advocating for social justice. Elders and deacons each serve for three years and are elected by the congregation. 

The Council is comprised of women and men living in various neighbourhoods in Vancouver and the surrounding municipalities. Some elders and deacons have been members of the church congregation for a few years while others have attended for their entire lives. Council members participate in various occupations ranging from teaching and engineering to landscaping and graduate studies. The Council members are honoured and eager to share their time and talents to help lead the church.

If you'd like to contact the elders, email Leo

If you'd like to contact the deacons, email Diana.