Faith Formation

The Lord who is one God,

and who designed that we should be one in Him,

is training us up together in the hope of eternal life,

and in the united celebration of this Holy Name.

- John Calvin, Commentary on Psalm 52:8

As followers of Jesus, we believe that every area of our lives-

who we are at home, in our neighbourhoods, at work and in our hobbies-

are all opportunities to give tangible expression to God's kingdom. 

But it doesn't just happen by itself. 

As a worshipping community, we continually need to be reminded of the Story of God restoring a broken world, and our place within that. To continue to be re-storied, we come together each Sunday and we encourage each other to grow through small groups, and other gatherings.

For us at First CRC, these aren't just activities to fill the schedule. They are the sustaining practices that help us carry on with confidence and joy in a confusing and broken world.