How are we getting involved?

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In tandem with hiring a Chaplain and Refugee Support Mobilizer, First Vancouver CRC remains attentive and involved in how best to support newcomers to Canada, especially in our position as neighbours to the Immigrant Services Society of BC Welcome Centre.  We will continue to make information about various opportunities available and here are a few suggestions:

  • Immigrant Services Society of BC: How Can I Help Refugees?  If you are interested in volunteering, have housing available, know of employment opportunities, or would like to give a donation.
  • List of local organizations who work with refugees and refugee claimants 
  • Welcome Boxes: Our church and our local community gives Welcome Boxes to newly arrived refugees upon their arrival at the ISSofBC Welcome Centre.  Welcome Boxes are filled with basic food and hygiene items to help a family get started in their first few weeks in Vancouver. If you are interested in helping by donating items, contributing financially (tax receipts available), assembling or delivering baskets please contact Dena at

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Why should we get involved?
How are we getting involved? 
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