What types of refugees does Canada recognize?

Canada offers refugee protection to people who face persecution in their home country or the country where they normally live, or who would face persecution if they returned to that country.  Canada recognizes two types of refugees:

  1. Convention Refugees: Persons who, even before their arrival to Canada, have been sponsored by the Government of Canada as Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs) or by a private group. They might have been waiting in one of the world’s many refugee camps for years before being selected to resettle in Canada as permanent residence and future Canadian citizens.
  2. Refugee Claimants: Persons who make their own way out of the country or situation they are fleeing. After reaching Canada by land, sea or air, they apply for asylum through the in-land refugee determination system. If they are carrying valid identity documents, they can live in the community while they await a hearing to determine their case. If their documents are missing or are suspicious, they may be held in detention until their identity can be confirmed.

Direct reference from Immigrant Services Society of BC 2015  (http://www.issbc.org/prim-corp-nav/our-work-with-refugees/Refugees-big-picture)

Please visit the websites of the Canadian Council for Refugees or the Immigrant Services Society of BC for more information.

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What types of refugees does Canada recognize?
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