What we believe

We were made for more than just muddling through life. We were made to thrive!

This is why we circle around five aspects of experiencing & pursuing God's peace: 

1. First, we accept a right relationship with God and together seek to honestly name the concerns, confusion and crises that so easily get in the way. We seek to honestly name that because the messages we hear throughout the week, our weekly patterns restore us and re-story into God's overarching story of love and renewal of a broken world. Our Sunday services, small groups and children's Sunday school are the primary places where we pursue this central relationship in our lives. 

2. We pursue right relationships with each other. Following the words of Jesus, we seek to love our neighbours - including our immediate family & friends, our church family, our East Van neighbours near the chuch and our neighbours where each of us lives. Small groups and church-wide potlucks are the primary ways we pursue whole, trusting relationships with each other. 

3. We practice showing compassion to each other. As a church, our pastors and elders seek to provide spiritual care in major life events and our deacons seek to facilitate practical assistance as our church family & neighbours navigate challenges of life.

4. We seek to be in good relationship with the world we live in. A fundamental call for humanity is to tend & keep God's creation. This is critical for us, particularly as we witness the devastating effects humans have had on creation, and how the majority world suffers under weight of the North American lifestyle. The Garden of Eatin' Community Garden, serving good, fair-trade coffee,and participating in the Climate Witness Project, are the primary ways we live out this call. 

5. We are both guests and hosts. Our church building's cornerstone says, "the Lord has made room for us." Initally, it described the gratitude of then-recent immigrants beginning life in a new land. Today, the truth of those words is much more far-reaching as we gather on traditional Coastal First Nations' lands, and having been by our first neighbours, we seek to extend the welcome to our other neighbours through our weekly Community Night, refugee newcomers, and in many other ways. 

6. We work to pursue God's way of peace where we live, work and play. Whether its hosting neighbours for a meal or planning a block party, our church family is committed to serving where God has placed us. Whether its in the classroom, the court, the lab, the office or great outdoors, we see our work as one of the primary places God has placed us to participate in meaningful and lasting change. We seek to extend our participation by supporting a number of ministries in Vancouver, around BC, across North America and around the globe. 

We are in this together!

Things of faith are deeply personal, but for us they aren't private. Rather, we commit to helping each other, encouraging each other and basically being family for each other. We are a church on Sunday mornings when we come together to worship, and we remain being the church as we scatter out to the various neighbourhoods we live, places where we work, and even during the other activities those in our church participate in.

Our particular denomination, the Christian Reformed Church is made up of more than 1,000 congregations across Canada and the US. As a denomination, we are involved in a number of areas that address the brokenness of life both locally and globally. To read about what we as a confessional church believe, you can read that on the CRC website.